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Not all MP4 video files work correctly in DaVinci Resolve.
If audio is missing from your video in Resolve because the program doesn't recognize it, fix this problem super fast with Mo7ies for DaVinci.

Here's how to make your MP4 audio
work in DaVinci Resolve

The solution! Be it a single video, or a folder full of many MP4 files, Mo7ies will create the audio perfectly readable in DaVinci. Your video files will then have compatible audio! Solo or batch, Mo7ies makes your audio work in DaVinci.
Then just import your video files with the newly fixed audio into DaVinci Resolve, as usual. Done!
You know how DaVinci Resolve shows blank audio on some of your imported video files? As if there was no sound recorded. But you know it was!
We suffered from the same problem, and came up with a solution: Mo7ies for Windows. Fix your MP4 video files fast, so their audio would be perfectly readable in DaVinci. NO re-encoding of the video itself!
Your video is kept in the original quality, exactly like your originals.
Mo7ies - fix your MP4 audio for Davinci Resolve and other programs

You will NOT lose any video quality:
no image recompression
takes place with Mo7ies

Mo7ies to the rescue
makes all your videos compatible with DaVinci Resolve: your audio will finally work without an issue
keeps your original files: we create new, DaVinci-compatible video files in the same folder. Your original videos are never altered. (But if you'd like to save space, you can delete them after Mo7ies processes all your files. Just use the new, fully MP4 standard-compliant videos Mo7ies makes for you.)
best video quality: we only process audio. Your video is kept exactly as it was in your original files, without any quality loss at all.
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